Patio Decor: 25 Minimalist But Cool Ideas.

If you are a happy owner of a patio, even a small one, this is great – it will be your outdoor oasis! Most homeowners find designing and decorating a small patio rather tricky but don’t worry, you can do it! We are here to help you with some tips and ideas to make your small or even tiny patio the best place in the world.

Styles And Colors

Decide what décor style you like most of all and stick to it; many homeowners prefer to rock something more relaxed and neutral for outdoors like farmhouse, modern casual or Scandinavian but of course you can choose whatever you like: vintage, shabby chic, minimalist or any other. Choose your color scheme according to the style but keep in mind that small spaces look better in neutrals and pastels as light colors make them look bigger.

a bright boho patio with a corner sofa, some metal chairs, a concrete and marble table, a wicker pendant lamp and some greenery on the walls

a bright tropical patio with a pink sofa and printed pillows, leather chairs, lots of lush plants in pots and black tables

a chic small patio with a rug, some pillows, potted greenery, baskets and wooden and wicker furniture

a Nordic patio all clad with wood, with a printed rug, some potted greenery and candle lanterns and lights

a small and cozy summer patio with neutral furniture, wicker chairs, printed textiles, baskets and a white umbrella over the space

a small and cute patio with a corner sofa, side tables, potted greenery, side tables and some lights over the space

Materials And Textures

To make your space look catchy and cool, especially if it’s done in neutrals, you can rock various types of materials: wood, plywood, stone, brick, concrete, metal, wicker and so on. Go for greenery walls, climbing plants that will save your space or at least some potted plants but don’t clutter your patio too much.

a small and elegant patio in a monochromatic color scheme, with a printed rug, a wicker sofa, potted greenery and some baskets

a small and fun pation with lawn, with a storage sofa, some side tables, potted greenery and a pendant egg chair

a small black patio with a built-in sofa, potted greenery, lights over the space and printed pillows plus a fire pit

a small contemporary patio in a monochromatic color scheme, with a printed rug, blue pillows, lots of greenery, catchy lanterns and a fire pit

a small contemporary patio with simple neutral furniture, a large fire pit and some greenery and blooms around

a small contemporary patio with white and grey furniture, a wooden table, some potted plants, lights and candle lanterns

a small cozy patio with a couple of chairs and ottomans, some rugs and a pillow and lots of lights above

a small monochromatic patio with a striped rug, a black sofa, a bench, candles and lots of greenery and white blooms

a small monochromatic pation with black and white furniture and textiles, a side table, a waterfall and a greenery wall

a small neutral patio with wicker furniture, a jute rug, lights and potted greenery and printed textiles

Furniture And Décor

Furniture in a small patio should be functional: think if you can make a storage sofa or a bench with storage and incorporate some more solutions like that. Stick to the style and color scheme you’ve chosen and go for some proper décor to make your space cooler: rugs, pillows, various blankets and candle lanterns.

a small Nordic patio with pallet furniture, dark textiles, faux fur covers, pendant lamps, potted greenery and a fire pit

a small outdoor patio with a white corner sofa, wicker chairs, jute rugs, a hearth and some blooms and greenery in pots

a small patio with a corner sofa, a wooden table, wicker candle lanterns, a wooden plank floor and some greenery

a small patio with a tile floor, a concrete fire pit, vintage chairs, a potted tree, lights, candles and blooms

a small patio with lots of greenery and blooms, with a fire pit, a sofa, some wicker chairs and much natural light

a small tropical patio done in black and grey, with white furniture, a large umbrella, potted plants and tropical pillows

a small yet cozy patio with a sofa and chairs, a leather ottoman, potted blooms and greenery, lights and candle lanterns

a small yet very lush patio with a sofa, pendant lamps, lots of greeneyr and pink blooms and a small dining set

a tiny inner patio with potted plants and a tree, a red candle lantern, some butterfly chairs and much natural light coming

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