One Google Earth User Saw A Massive “Ice Ship” Along Antarctica’s Shore – Icestech

A Google Earth user with the nickname MrMBB333 found a completely frozen ship with a length of 122 meters off the coast of Antarctica. What kind of ship it is, has not yet been found out, writes the Daily Mail.

Mystery History announced its opening. The user found a 122-meter-long ice-covered ship. The ship is 160km from Antarctica.

Map show an ice block that resembles a ship. The user is confident his symmetrical features aren’t an accident or a game of imagination.

MrMBB333 draws attention to the fact that the block of ice he discovered is very similar in shape to a ship. Its characteristic features and symmetrical elements cannot be accidental, the Internet user believes.

If you don’t look closely, you could think this is a giant iceberg, but it’s a genuine ship that was made on purpose.

Users discuss in the video’s comments where a massive ship came from in Antarctica. One person believed the ship was created to save rich people at the end of the world.

Others preferred shipwreck. Some thought the YouTuber found Noah’s Ark. The ship was also said to be linked to a Nazi military installation.

No information is available regarding the ship’s kind. It will need a lot of resources to get it off the ice and transfer it for further examination, which is not achievable presently.

Users immediately started building different versions. Some believe that the ship is related to a secret Nazi base, others suggested that the ship was built for the elite specifically in case of the apocalypse.

As previously reported, a mysterious ancient ship was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, which is well preserved.

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