Maximizing the Garden Potential Under the Stairs.

Simple look

This garden idea under the stairs appears simple and neat, using a snake plant as the main star. Snake plants that do not like excessive watering will be very suitable if planted in a combination of soil and rock that is able to absorb water better. The choice of stone color is also one of the complements to the appearance of the garden under the stairs.

Refreshing small garden

If you use the area around the stairs as a dining room or family room, the presence of a garden under the stairs will be an interesting and refreshing view. The design of the stairs like the picture above can also help a more dynamic look in the garden.

Clever arrangement

The area under the stairs has a large space and makes the garden look more well organized. The floor area of the house and garden is separated by white stones that dominate the garden. Arrangement of plants in pots is also one of the things that can give a neat appearance to the garden under the stairs.

Small but refreshing

This small space under the stairs looks fresh by using shady green plants. Additional lighting will be needed to help maximize plant photosynthesis and help the leaves stay green.

Beautiful small landscaping

Nothing will stop you from creating beautiful landscaping, even in the small area under the stairs. Grass and rocks arranged in interesting patterns will help maximize the small space under this staircase.

That’s Clever Idea to Maximize Under The Stairs As A Garden.  From some ideas above, which one is your favorite?

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