Maternal Deep Emotion for Unresponsive Infant Despite External Avoidance.

Toronto-based artist, Vincenzina Care, has captivated people worldwide with her exceptional talent in crafting hyperrealistic dolls from polymer clay. What makes her creations stand out is not just their lifelike appearance but also the inclusive approach she takes in representing facial differences and health conditions. Care’s dolls are so authentic that ɱaпy find it hard to believe they aren’t real infants.

The journey of Care’s doll-making began when she received a doll from her mother at the age of seven. Heartbroken after the doll broke, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her replacement. This ignited a passion that would eventually lead her to produce dolls that challenge societal norms and beauty standards.

Care’s dolls encompass a broad range of representations, including dolls with various health conditions and facial differences. Her artistic process involves meticulous hand-sculpting of each doll, drawing inspiration from her own baby photos, as well as images of friends and family. She meticulously crafts the details to ensure each doll portrays its unique personality and condition accurately.

The dolls come in different sizes, with some taking just a few months to create, while larger, more intricate ones might require up to three years of work. Care’s dedication to authenticity is evident in her emphasis on proper representation. “Dolls were always used as a representation of perfection, and I think we are all perfect however we are born,” she shares.

Her goal is to disɱaпtle the conventional notion of perfection that dolls traditionally embody and to create dolls that authentically represent the diverse spectrum of huɱaпity. She believes that every life deserves love and appreciation, regardless of appearances or conditions.

Care’s dolls have made a significant impact on social media platforms like TikTok, where a video featuring a doll with craniofacial duplication garnered over 106 million views. While ɱaпy viewers appreciate the dolls for their uniqueness and representation, some are still amazed and even fooled by their lifelike appearance, thinking they are real babies.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response, Care acknowledges that there are individuals who struggle to accept this new perspective. She understands that challenging ingrained societal perceptions is not always easy, but she remains determined to spread awareness and promote inclusivity through her art.

Care’s journey is not just about doll-making; it’s a powerful statement about celebrating differences and reshaping societal norms. With her extraordinary talent and unyielding passion, Vincenzina Care continues to inspire a more inclusive and compassionate world, one doll at a ᴛι̇ɱe.

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