Mass Grave of 18th Century Plague Vic.tims Found During Apartment Construction

Mass Grave of 18th Century Plague Vic.tims Found During Apartment Construction

According to Polish news outlet First News, the aforementioned 18th-century cemetery is filled with plague victims from the Mazuria region. The second cemetery is dated between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Archaeologist Agnieszka Jaremek said there are likely to be two cemeteries as additional space is needed.

“Sources indicate that there was not enough room in the cemetery next to the church, so the victims were buried by the road to Mrągowo,” Jaremek said.

‘Everything points to the fact that we have uncovered that place.

‘Many graves keep families with all their members: adults and children alike.’

In total, 60 tombs were uncovered containing the remains of 100 bodies.

The plague broke out during the Great Northern War (1700-1721), which saw Russia and its allies battle Sweden for the Baltic Sea, Smithsonian Magazine reported.

The epidemic spread across Europe, reaching Prussia, Finland, Lithuania and a number of other countries.

According to Spanish news outlet La Vanguardia, the first case of plague was recorded in Sweden in 1702, although the height of the plague occurred between 1708 and 1713.

The news source added that it reached Hamburg, Germany, in 1712.

Several hundred thousand people died from the plague, in some cases killing 70 percent of an area’s population.

Officials said that additional burials may have been made in the other cemetery until the beginning of the 19th century, and additional items were unearthed from these graves.

“Among the artifacts we found are ceramic plates as well as a blue glass bead,” Jaremek added.

Joanna Sobolewska, director of the Office for the Protection of Monuments in Olsztyn, told First News that the unearthed remains will be tested and analyzed before they are buried in a common grave.

“The exact burial location is a question for the future,” Sobolewska said.

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