LARGE BUNCH OF JOY 7 kg Baby Born to a Woman.

In Indiana, USA, a woman suffering from gestational diabetes gave birth to a baby boy, weighing a whopping 16 pounds (7.15 kg)! “I thought the weighing scale was broken!”, she exclaimed when told me about her baby’s weight.

Whitney Hallett had been warned by doctors that she was going to have a big baby, but no one expected just how big he would be! Having previously delivered three kids, all of whom weighed more than the average, she knew that her fourth would be big as well.

She delivered her newest bundle of joy via C-section in early May and was shocked at his birth weight, as was everyone present in the delivery room with her. While the nurses and doctorsexclaimed “Oh, my God!” Her husband, Edmond Hallett, revealed that they ended up weighing him three times because no one could believe that he actually weighed 16 pounds, instead thinking that the scale was broken.

So Waylon Cole, as he came to be known, sent his parents on a shopping trip as soon as he was born since no newborn clothes were fitting him due to they needed to buy clothes of a larger size.

In spite of his size, Waylon was born with breathing and feeding issues, which kept him in the hospital’s NICU for seven weeks. The little trooper is doing fine now, however, and is home with his family. He’s a healthy baby, he sleeps more than the other Hallett kids at that age, but he’s generally a smiley, happy baby boy.

According to the doctors, Whitney was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant with Waylon. This caused the body to not produce enough insulin to regulate sugar during pregnancy, which led to her giving birth to a large baby.

Thankfully, Whitney and Waylon experienced none of the more serious side effects of gestational diabetes and are now safe and sound at home. We wish them all the luck for the future and good health and a long life to Waylon!

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