Japanese-inspired Courtyard Designs: 45 Calming Designs.

Japanese décor is known not only for its rich history and traditions, not only for its stunning minimalism and a talent to show beauty in simple things but also for how amazing Japanese designers manage to mix modern home décor with nature. Look at these inspiring courtyards! Traditional Japanese gardens and courtyards mixed with minimalist surroundings look amazingly harmonious and relaxing. Moss, ponds and grass with a bamboo fountain seem a relaxing oasis in the minimalist homes. I was always surprised how such a piece of nature merges with modern design, and if you too, enjoy the examples below and create your own Japanese-inspired courtyard at home!

A Japanese garden is a peaceful space that doesn’t have any excessive elements, everything is perfectly balanced. Start with moss, which is basics, and combine it with grasses and greenery that you like – don’t plant too many. You may also add a tree or a couple of trees – rock very thin and small ones, the types that are typical for Japanese gardens. A tree isn’t a must, the more peaceful space you want, the less you need a tree. Blooms aren’t popular for Japanese gardens, so you may skip them or go for a sakura tree if you want.


a beautiful Japanese backyard with pebbles and rocks, some moss, a couple of trees and a traditional bamboo fountain in the center


a beautiful Japanese garden with grass, rocks, blooms, a bamboo fountain and a stone lantern plus some low trees


a fantastic Japanese backyard with rocks, a stone lantern, greenery and trees and a bowl with greenery inside


a Japanese courtyard with grass, stone larnterns and a stone water tub, low trees looks very refreshing


a Japanese courtyard with stone tiles, greenery, a stone bowl and a tree is a dreamy space that relaxes


a Japanese garden with pebbles, large rocks, greenery, small trees and stone lanterns looks very soothing


a lovely mini garden with pebbles, rocks, a stone bowl and a single small tree plus bamboo will refresh your backyard or courtyard


a mini Japanese courtyard with moss, a large rock and a single tree plus a built-in fireplace and a skylight


a mini Japanese courtyard with pebbles, rocks, greenery, a tiny tree and a stone bowl with water is very cool


a minimalist Japanese courtyard with a rock that seems to be sliced, two low trees and a sleek pond around one of them


a peaceful Japanese garden with rocks and pebbles, a stone lantern, two trees, greenery and lights is very chic


a simple Japanese courtyard with large rocks, grass and a single blooming tree in the center of the space


a small Japanese courtyard with greenery, trees and rocks plus a skylight is what you need to refresh your space


a small Japanese courtyard with moss, greenery, rocks and a single tree right in the center


a small Japanese garden with large rocks, a bamboo fountain, pebbles, a stone bowl and trees plus a large stone lantern


Pebbles And Rocks

You can’t go Japanese without pebbles and rocks – they are widely used in Japanese landscaping. So go for gravel, pebbles and rocks – as large as you like, and you’ll get a cool base for your Japanese courtyard. Create a path or rocks, this is a popular element for a Japanese garden.


a small Japanese space with a stone bowl, greenery and moss, a bamboo fountain, a low tree and rocks


a small Japanese space with greenery and rocks, a tree and a traditional stone lantern that can be on at night


a welcomign Japanese courtyard with rocks, greenery, moss, a stone lantern and a bamboo fountain plus a low fence


a beautiful and chic courtyard with pebbles, a couple of trees and greenery, rocks and a pong with a stone bowl in the center


a contemporary backyard with a Japanese feel and a series of ponds with greenery, leaves and a tree next to them


a contemporary wooden deck with a single tree with pebbles, greenery and a wooden wall


a beautiful Japanese backyard with a stone covered space, a pond in the center and rocks and trees plus greenery


a fantastic Japanese inspired garden with pebbles, large flat rocks, moss and a couple of trees is very calming and soothing


a Japanese-inspired backyard with much greenery, a rock garden and stone tiles over it


an amazing Japanese garden with a pond, a small waterfall, large rocks, greenery, a large Japanese lantern


a calming Japanese garden with pebbles, large rocks, a wooden bridge, trees, lanterns and a pond


a small Japanese garden with pebbles, rocks, a bamboo fountain, greenery and trees around


a classic Japanese garden with grass, large rocks and Japanese-style low trees


a minimalist Japanese courtyard with pebbles, greenery and a tree growing is a beautiful idea


a contemporary Japanese courtyard with pebbles, stone tiles and a single tree growing


Traditional Elements

Now add traditional elements: stone lanterns, stone water bowls and fountains with bamboo. Bamboo walls and low fences are typical for Japanese spaces, too, such decorations will help you create a mood and n ambience and will make your courtyard typically Japanese. You may skip these decorations if you want a minimalist courtyard, get inspired!


a Japanese rock garden with large rocks, mini trees in pots, a stone bench and a fountain


a mini Japanese garden with dark pebbles, a traditional bamboo fountain, large rocks, greenery and ferns


a Japanese-inspired garden with grass, rocks, greenery and low trees looks very relaxing and soothing


a Japanese garden with grass, pebbles, greenery, low trees and stone lanterns plus flat rocks


a Japanese rock garden composed of pebbles and rocks, with a single tree accented


a Japanese backyard with moss, ferns, rocks, stone lanterns and a low tree for a calming and welcoming space


a small Japanese courtyard with grass, rocks, a tree and a skylight to let natural light in here will bring you relaxation


a Japanese courtyard with pebbles, rocks, moss, a large stone, a bowl with a bamboo cover and some greenery


a Japanese courtyard with pebbles, rocks, stone bowls, a lantern and greenery around


a minimalist Japanese garden with grasses and a couple of ponds with floating greenery


a Japanese garden with greenery and moss, rocks and pebbles and some bamboo


a minimal Japanese garden with grass, a tree and a creative and sculptural bench of stone


a Japanese garden with moss, greenery, rocks and a single tree in the center with much natural light


a minimalist Japanese-inspired courtyard with a tree and greenery, a bench and some bricks on the ground

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