Iraqi Transport Minister Claims That “Our Ancestors Have Traveled To Space 7000 Years Ago”

Iraqi Transport Minister Kazem Finjan claims that Sumerians created the world’s first airport and spaceport in Dhi Qar, in the south of Iraq, and that Sumerians were the first humans to travel to other planets and space.

He also claimed that Nibiru, the 12th planet, was found by his forefathers. In his remarks, the Minister mentioned the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, Samuel Kramer, and H.G. Wells.

On September 30th, he made statements that took everyone by surprise and were shown on Nasiriya TV. Only a portion of his comments was carried on NRT TV.

Samuel Kramer was a groundbreaking physicist and Sumerian mythology expert. He was born in the Soviet Union but studied at Philadelphia University in the United States.

Kramer authored a number of works. He died of cancer in 1990.

This is the country’s second minister to unveil previously discovered information regarding Earth’s actual past. The first was ex-Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, who claimed that the US government is working with a few alien species that have subterranean bases in the US.

Watch the video:

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