Highly Advanced Ancient Technology And Strange Ancient Civilizations On Our Planet?

Is it possible that our forebears were visited by aliens and given advanced technology in ancient times? A huge number of intact buildings and artifacts support this theory. Where did they come from, if that’s the case? What became of them? Will extraterrestrials make a comeback?

Structures and artworks from the past provide us with a plethora of knowledge. They show that the gods were much too human-like in today’s world. They had planes, rockets, and space suits to remain in space.

Did you know that the earliest operating replica of a modern glider was discovered in ancient Egyptian digs? How about three millennia prior to the birth of Christ?

In antique literature, the celestials are depicted as appearing on dragons or metal machines. Extraterrestrials? Or did ancient humans fly in the same way that we do today? Are they just legends? Or do you have a firm footing?

Training humans to fly has been mentioned in manuscripts from the past. The ancient flying machine utilized metals, energy and power supplies, and mercury gyroscopes.

If a flying machine existed, as reported in ancient books, was there a transportation infrastructure in place?

If ancient flying aircraft existed and were described in ancient literature, there may have been a transportation system. Thousands of years before Christopher Columbus’ arrival? Yes, perhaps.

It might explain how civilization is forming in far-flung corners of the planet, bringing together many parallels in handwriting, architecture, and deities worshipped.

There are several historical locations that look like modern airports. Take, for example, Monte Alba in Mexico.

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