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Something Is Sending Earth A Mysterious 13,000-Year-Old Star-Maps?!

In January 1974, Duncan Lunan, a man from the United Kingdom, published an essay titled ‘Space Probe from Epsilon Boötis?’ It was about a puzzle involving LDEs, or long-delayed radio echoes, which were initially discovered in the 1920s.

Strange ‘echoes’ of the transmitter’s voice that are much too loud to be normal Earth reflections…

Realistic Blue Sun in Deep Space. Flying Asteroids. Light Rays.

Experimenters from all across the globe observed that their outgoing pulses were returned with a three-second delay as if amplified and returned by something at the Moon’s distance, but clearly not the Moon itself…

The pulses were amplified and returned by a single source, with delay periods ranging up to three seconds in progressively complex sequences. There was no change in strength, suggesting that the pulses were amplified and returned by a single source.


Stanford professor Ron Bracewell hypothesized in 1960 that the ‘echoes’ were re-broadcast by an unmanned spaceship from another civilization.

Duncan would make an amazing discovery in 1972, properly interpreting the echo patterns, and it would be a craft aimed at attracting our attention.

Although the discrepancies in delay durations looked to be random, Prof. Bracewell speculated that if it was a probe, the initial signal may represent a star map.

He uncovered what looked to be a star map after mapping the delay times in chronological sequence; however, when presented to astronomers, it was shown to be a distorted image of the Milky Way.

In the constellation Boötes, Epsilon Boötis is a constellation.

Arcturus, the brightest star in the constellation, looked to be out of place on the chart, but following closer examination, it was discovered to be around 13,000 years ago in its expected position.

The conclusions were met with mistrust and derision by the academic community.

Duncan, however, abandoned his whole translation effort and studies as a consequence of this pressure.

Is it true that Duncan Lunan interpreted the first transmission received from an extraterrestrial civilization?

More investigation into this strange echo phenomenon is undoubtedly needed, and the findings should be made public.


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