Did Giants Exist? 38 Cm Finger Discovered In Egypt Leaves Archaeologists Without Answers!

Photographs of a huge finger measuring 38 centimeters long have left researchers in shock, as they said it is impossible and cannot exist.

While science suggests it’s impossible, the finger that was discovered in Egypt claims to be real, and has been X-rayed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


The big toe photographs were captured in 1988 and at the time were published in one of Europe’s leading newspapers. The finger seems to suggest that it is evidence of giants that have walked the Earth in the past.

The Bible even refers to the Nephilim. The remains of the finger are quite impressive, and the finger is a mummified humanoid finger that measures 38 centimeters. Egyptian researchers said the finger must have belonged to a creature over 5 meters tall, and in 1988 few people were allowed to take pictures of what was called an amazing artifact.

A grave robber discovered the huge finger when he was looking for an undisclosed tomb in Egypt. Entrepreneur Gregor Sporri wanted to buy the owner’s finger and made a good offer, but the owner said he would not sell it. Sporri said the grave robber has a certificate to say the finger was authentic and he also had an X-ray of the finger. Sporri said the finger was in an oblong package and had a very musty smell.


When he told the story about the finger in 2012, he said he was very surprised when he was shown the huge, dark brown finger. He went on to say that he had been allowed to take it out and that he was also allowed to take photographs of the giant finger. Sporri said that a ruler had been placed next to the finger so that a size comparison could be obtained and the finger was bent and open, and had been covered with the mold which had dried.

Once Sporri left Egypt, he decided he would like to know more about the giant finger and tried to find out where the body belonging to the finger was located. He returned to Egypt in 2009 and went looking for the man who possessed the finger, but he could not find him and left scientists along with researchers scratching their heads.


All that remains of the giant finger are photographs that were taken of the finger, along with stories of the huge creature that walked among humans, which the finger should have belonged to. Scientists and researchers have many mixed feelings about the relic. One of the issues they have with their finger is that it doesn’t fit the conventional theories that have come from historians and archaeologists. In fact, many said the finger could not exist. But are the photographs proof that giant creatures walked on planet Earth in Egypt, or was it another mistake?


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