Bizarre Cube Was Discovered Right In Front Of The Rover On The Moon

In early 2019, Chang’e-four and the Yutu-2 rover began reading the Silver Globe floor. Massive swaths of desolate lunar terrain have already been coated by robotics.

He came upon an everyday material that turned out to be a glassy stone, and now some other unknown object, according to reviews on

It isn’t always obvious what we’re dealing with here, but it is. The facility is located around 80 meters ahead of the rover. Extraterrestrial enthusiasts immediately speculated that it is most likely a monolith clinging to the moon’s surface.

It was left there by an extraterrestrial culture, according to them. Professionals at the Chinese Space Agency, on the other hand, manage to keep emotions under check. They understand that we are dealing with an unusual rock.

Naturally, we keep our fingers crossed that this institution will be something remarkable.

The rover is scheduled to go to the capability in the next few days.

It is not yet known when the CNSA will publish close-up images of this object and when some more unique information about it will be made public.

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