Bizarre Alien Soldier Was Filmed on Mars – It Was Chasing Curiosity Rover, This UFO Hunter Claims!

What looks to be an extraterrestrial soldier is currently marching up behind the Curiosity Rover on Mars, which is one of the oddest finds ever.

That’s correct, as you can see in the images below, this alien soldier looks to be shadowing the Curiosity Rover, ready to strike at any time.

Maybe the extraterrestrial only wants to know whether the rover is a friend or an adversary. Could this finally lead to peace talks?

Some, though, remain skeptical, believing it to be nothing more than a mound of pebbles heaped on top of one other.

Some individuals, who are more optimistic, think it is a statue that was erected in ancient times to honor one of their kings or a god that they worshipped in the past.

The Paranormal Crucible covered it, even included a slightly manipulated image that shows how closely the soldier resembles a Grey Alien stereotype.

Many experts think the image has always shown an extraterrestrial, while others, like Zak Farley, are not so persuaded.

When Hybrid Sky approached him about it, he laughed and said it was only a rock formation all along. Disclose TV, on the other hand, said that it is just too complicated to be a random rock formation after all.


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