Beyond expectations: Unusual twins and the challenging conventions of their difference

Once heartbroken because their children had аlbinism, the angel twins’ parents are now encouraged that everyone loves the princesses.

Parents want healthy, normal babies most. Not everyone is so lucky. Ms. Dang Rong and Mr. Dang May (Soc Trang) were devastated when their children were born with аlbinism, white hair and skin, and poor eyesight.

Mr. May recalled his first son’s birth: “I was astonished when the doctor removed the infant. That sickness was gradually explained to me, but not until now. A doctor told an aunt in the city that he had met someone with this ailment and understood.” Nearly 10 years later, the Soc Trang couple feared genetic inheritance and did not have another child. When having a second child, relatives and friends encouraged them to eat well and get tested. They discovered the twins had аlbinism on their birth day. Mr. May was resentful about Ms. Rong.

“I did all the tests and had NIPT, but I saw no abnormalities. Nervous and hopeful, the couple. I was astonished and worried when I saw them on the surgery table. Even the doctor was shocked. I blame myself because I had my first child that way and the second one is the same. I’m worried about our future together “told the mother of three.

The couple left their eldest child with their grandma and moved to Binh Duong to work to care for their three youngsters. Because of their child’s odd appearance, neighbors teased and criticized the little family. To raise healthy, happy kids, they encourage each other to work hard.

The twins Tam I-Tam I got renowned on social media by happenstance with their beautiful appearance. The kids are sweet and greet everyone. Later, the twins’ parents launched a Youtube channel for their daughters, documenting the daily life of two angelic girls with blonde hair, blue eyes, and white complexion








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