Apollo 16 Captured A Strange UFO-Cloud Over The Moon

From the NASA archives, renowned ufologist Scott Waring retrieved some peculiar images from the Apollo 16 mission in 1972.

The researcher first came upon these images back in 2011, but he just decided to look at them again.

A bright “energy cloud” that transforms from being rectangular to ship-shaped is plainly visible in the photographs.

According to the researcher, the UFO can be seen in the shot between the Moon and the lunar module. Waring is certain that the astronauts observed this weird object at that same moment but chose to remain silent since NASA was attempting to keep the public in the dark about the issue.

“It’s simple to ignore one or even two NASA index images of a UFO, but how simple do you think it is to ignore 458 photos in a row? Considering how many of them this UFO appears in. 40 of those images are extraordinarily detailed, said Waring.

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