Ancient Egypt: A Decorated Tomb And Anthropomorphic Coffins With Mummies

The Middle Kingdom tomb of Thaw-Rakht-If (or Thaw-Irkhet-If), the overseer of the mummification shrine in the precinct of Mut at Karnak, and the original entrance to Theban Tomb 28 (TT28), belonging to Hori, the official of the property of Amun during the Ramesside era (19th and 20th dynasties), have been discovered in the Asasif necropolis, on the west bank of the Nile in Thebes, present-day Luxor, Khaled El-Enany reported on Saturday. , the current Egyptian Minister of Antiquities.

The ceiling of the tomb is magnificently decorated with scenes from the deceased family, including the wife Kharousekhmet-Nefret, the singer of the god Amun-Ra. Inside the tomb, buried under the rubble, two anthropomorphic wooden coffins have been found that, according to investigations, do not belong to the owners of the tomb, but to a son and a daughter, called Padiset and Nesmutamu, from a later period, according to Ahram Online in an article published on Saturday.


In the photographs you can see two anthropomorphic wooden coffins: a black one that has wonderful decorations in gold, especially the hypnotic eyes, and that contains a very well preserved mummy; and another polychrome, discovered by the French Institute of Oriental Archeology and whose find was announced here earlier this month, dating from the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt and bearing the name of a woman named “Boya” or “Thuya” , is not very clear yet.

On the other hand, “two wooden statues of the deceased, five painted wooden funerary masks and a collection of ushabti figurines made of faience, wood and fired clay have also been discovered,” according to Ahram Online. “Two limestone canopic jar lids have also been found, along with an alabaster jar adorned with hieroglyphic texts and, in addition, a papyrus with chapter number 125 of the Book of the Dead and mummified skeletons,” the article adds.


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