Alleged Triangular UFO Filmed On US Aircraft Carrier

Footage appeared on the network where a UFO was filmed on an aircraft carrier by a US Air Force pilot. Who, boasting on social media, posted a post on his Twitter account. On which you can see his colleagues on an aircraft carrier, where they perform maneuvers. But there is more to the image.

The video went viral from the first minute, it was distributed among Internet users. Who saw plausible proof that not only are we being visited by beings from other planets, but they are also working alongside the US. But is it really so? UFO?

On a recording made by a pilot from the air (we assume that from a helicopter). You can see the landing of the F-18 fighter on one of the aircraft carriers of the US Navy. And while the plane is on the way, you can see that a strange triangular plane (TR-3B?) is parked there. This is no ordinary flying saucer, but we’ll compare it to the second most famous UFO shape: the triangular one.

Since no statements were made about this, rumors of a mysterious video were not long in coming. And while some claim that this is the final proof of the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Others say it’s a montage. And it is that there are several anomalies in this video that make us suspicious.

Is it true that the UFO was filmed on an aircraft carrier or a fake?
One of them is the shadow that the object gives off, which seems not very well defined and more subtle. Than the rest of the shadows emitted by the rest of the objects on the runway. Such as the helicopter next to the alleged UFO, whose shadow is more regular and pronounced, as expected.

Moreover, the very idea that the US military was not so secretive. Leaving an alien plane parked on a military aircraft carrier. Suggests that it could be a video editing. Other netizens speculate that it could be a ship used by the US military. Which also has a triangular shape. Although it is clear that this will not be the same object.

If the images were real and there was no montage made before they were published on social networks. In addition to the obvious clumsiness of the pilot who took the images and the rest of the people responsible for recording them. We would be faced with the presence of known military technology. It is known, at least not officially, as we do not know if this model is used in the armed forces.

And for some time there have been numerous records of supersonic aircraft. Among other things, which will be used in the United States Armed Forces, as well as in Russia, China, Japan and North Korea. However, we will wait for new information on this matter.

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