“Aliens Wiped Out The Ancient Martian Civilization Using Highly Advanced Nuclear Weapons”

According to an American physicist, “an ancient Martian culture was decimated with nuclear weapons,” which “may also strike the Earth,” he warns.

Since 2011, John E. Brandeburg, a plasma physicist with the firm Orbital technologies,’ has claimed that Mars’ red hue is the result of a thermonuclear explosion.

“The surface of Mars is covered with radioactive substances including uranium, thorium, and radioactive potassium.”

He then told Fox News about his unusual theory, adding, “A nuclear explosion may have left debris all over the world.”

The expert has continued to look into his idea that the explosion was caused by an intelligent alien society, according to the ‘Daily Mail.’

Their newest investigation finds that “nuclear isotopes in the atmosphere of Mars resemble hydrogen bomb testing.”

We’re dealing with “an example of a civilization being obliterated by a nuclear strike from space,” according to his idea.

Their study was prompted by the high concentration of Xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere, as well as uranium and thorium found on the surface by NASA’s Odyssey mission.

Two ancient Martian civilizations, according to his idea, formerly existed on the red planet.

According to the scientist, these extraterrestrial nations possessed technology equivalent to that of the ancient Egyptians, and their names were Cydonians and Utopians.

The existence of these elements on Mars, according to scientists, is not unexpected since they are natural elements that can be found everywhere.

According to the expert, Mars’ temperature, as well as plant and animal life, were identical to Earth’s before the explosion.

This version, he claims, suggests that we should be worried about an assault on our own planet as well.

“A human mission to Mars should be structured to discover out what we’re up against.”

What are your opinions on this physicist’s idea of a Martian society being annihilated? Please take a time to view and comment on the video below.

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