Adorable baby’s ‘CPR-trained’ video on TV made the news presenter giggle (VIDEO).

“And this little baby,” begins the reporter as the clip starts. On-screen, we can see a little girl who appears to be dressed in a pink top with white pants.

Like many children her age, walking still poses a challenge. However, she has picked up on a unique skill set: CPR training! As the video continues, we see the little one performing chest compressions and checking for breathing on the “victim.”

As the clip keeps playing, the reporter begins to start laughing. It’s not hard to figure out why. The “victim”—which is a CPR mannequin—is even bigger than the little girl is!

Still, this size difference doesn’t seem to bother the young girl, who continues with her CPR enthusiastically. “She’s so cute. Oh my god,” comments the reporter. Just then, the little girl looks up towards the camera, prompting the reporter to break out laughing.

She laughs a bit more as the baby girl continues CPR before saying they need to move on so she can “stop her giggles.” The video cuts back to the reporter, who’s clearly been laughing the entire time.

“Thank you to our producer, Dale, for providing that,” the reporter manages to say through her laughter. She finishes her outro, still laughing, as the video comes to an end.

Some viewers commented that her form wasn’t entirely correct, and others pointed out that her “chest compressions” didn’t really compress. Still, we think her effort was outstanding. She’s already got most of the basics down, so we’re sure by the time she learns to work and gets a little bit bigger, she’ll be well on her way to a medical career!

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