A Physicist Decoded The Strange Crop Circle With A Binary Code & ET Face

Miia Pitkonen, a physicist at the University of Helsinki in Finland, offers a fascinating perspective. It’s a wonderful design, and it’s authentic, regardless of who you think designed it!

Crop circles are a real phenomena, in case you didn’t know. It’s arguable how they’re made and who or what creates them, but the existence of smart, amazing, and incredibly convoluted designs “sown” into agricultural fields throughout the globe is undeniable. You should get chills looking at some of these designs, especially those shot from an airplane or helicopter.

Why? The greatest explanation comes from Richard Taylor, a physicist at the University of Oregon. Despite his rejection of any supernatural explanation for the designs, he believes that this is “history’s greatest science-oriented art trend.” Because some of the stalks’ nodes have been blown through on one side, several of these designs have been tested in a laboratory environment. Crop circles are more than simply flattened crops, as many people believe. It’s self-evident that modern technology is being utilised.

Microwave heating, which causes water inside the crop to evaporate and separate, has been used to simulate this ‘blasting’ activity. As a consequence, the stock completely switches sides. Based on the data he obtained in his investigation, Taylor concluded that crop circle painters are utilizing GPS devices, lasers, and microwaves to produce these incredible geometric designs.

There will always be some who ignore any supernatural thought, but those who investigate the crop circle phenomenon further will find it impossible to deny that something strange is occurring. It is, in my opinion, self-evident.

In 2002, a crop circle was discovered in a field near Crabwood, United Kingdom. That was correct. It’s been documented, videotaped, and photographed. A video may be found all over the internet. It received a lot of negative feedback and has been researched by a number of academics all around the globe. Aerial footage of the Crabwood circle was shot by Terje Toftenes, an award-winning Norwegian filmmaker and multimedia producer.

Who could possibly do such a thing? Who could design a binary code in the middle of the night and implant a face into a crop in a couple of hours, leaving no entrance or departure traces but being aesthetically and mathematically precise?

Miia Pitkonen is one of a number of researchers who have investigated this particular circle. She is a medical physicist with a degree from the University of Helsinki in Finland.

She produced a paper titled “Crop Circles and Life at Parallel Space-Time Sheets,” indicating that she is fascinated by this occurrence. She examines the CraBwood crop circle in a two-part series.

She goes on to say:

“There are two halves to the crabwood message. A picture of an alien image and a spiral-like bit sequence that starts in the centre of the image and proceeds clockwise. [59, 60] It has been suggested that the message be encoded in 9-bit code, with 8-bit chunks following ASCII coding. The message is as follows based on this assumption:

‘Beware of those who deliver BROKEN PROMISES and FALSE GIFTS.’ There is a great deal of suffering, but there is yet time. EELI! UVE. THE WORLD IS A GOOD PLACE OUT THERE. DECEPTION IS NOT ONE OF OUR PRIORITIES. ‘CONDUIT CLOSURE’ is a term that refers to the closing of a conduit.

Clearly, one or two incoherent words (EELI!UVE) are involved. There are two versions of the message on the internet. On Paul Vigay’s and Martin Keitel’s homepages, you may find oppose. Both options are described in further detail further below. Consider the possibility that the message comprises a far deeper layer than the ASCII code’s somewhat oracle-like statement, and that the little discrepancy’s appearance is supposed to suggest the existence of a higher level. These extraterrestrials want to say something very essential about themselves as living beings. The alien image that accompanies the byte sequence undoubtedly supports this theory. One of these incredibly crucial things is the code for turning normal DNA triplets to amino acids. Maybe the code for translating the strange RNA doublets to amino acid analogs. It’s possible that these analogs are electromagnetic waves. There might be other codes as well: about the same time that the Crabwood letter came, I devised a hierarchical system of cognitive codes based on Mersenne primes and regular polygons that could be constructed with just a compass and ruler.

The initial notion is that the message should be represented by a universal code of some kind. The presence of three 3 = 9-bit code phrases that naturally decompose into three 3-bit sequences indicates the presence of a cognitive code analogous to genetic code. This estimate was crucial since it led to the discovery of the genetic code of unique RNA, and the deconstruction of three three-bit sections immediately revealed that RNA information was in dispute. However, it was determined that decoding the message using ASCII code is the proper method, with the ninth bit functioning just as a separator. The interpretation is based on the ASCII code’s general characteristics: capital and small letters represent amino acids, and capital and small versions of the same letter indicate the same amino acid. Control marks represent the amino-acidic equivalents of the coding related to the unique RNA. It doesn’t matter how the symbols are organized. Only the amounts of different sorts of symbols showing how many codewords are mapped to a given amino-acid (or any equivalent thereof) matter when using alternative types of symbols.”

I’m aware that it’s a challenging task. The message was initially discovered to be encoded in ASCI binary code by Paul Vigay, a British computer consultant well-known for his work designing and maintaining RISC OS software and a long-time researcher in the field. He also worked on the film Signs with Mel Gibson, but unhappily died in an unusual way.

“Be wary of people who give you misleading presents and don’t keep their promises.” There are many sufferings, yet there is still time. (This is a mangled phrase.) It’s a beautiful day outside. “Conduit switching off (bell sound)” is something we don’t tolerate.

Below is another fantastic screenshot taken from a helicopter.

Pitkonen’s research is rather thorough, claiming that the circle’s designers, whoever/whatever they are, may use this kind of specialized programming, among other things. One thing is certain: whoever designed this circle is very talented in terms of aesthetics, technology, and mathematics.

The concluding piece of her article is seen here, and it echoes the same conclusion that many of us have reached: something special is occurring here.

Pitkonen’s study also delves into and analyzes a 1974 transmission (dubbed the “Arecibo” message) created by Carl Sagan and his colleagues. At a special ceremony to honor the repair of Puerto Rico’s Arecibo radio telescope, it was launched into orbit using radio waves. It was the most powerful broadcast ever purposefully launched into space. It included a graphic message depicting our planet’s location in our solar system, important mathematics and scientific concepts, and the NASA antenna used to transmit the signal in the hopes that extraterrestrial intelligence would understand it. The letter also included details about us, such as our physical characteristics and DNA coding. The signal was a million times more powerful than a regular television transmission.

In 2001, 27 years after the 1974 broadcast, a pattern resembling a response to it appeared near Britain’s largest telescope, the Chilbolton, and observatory, which contains the world’s largest fully steerable weather radar.

The Final Word.

Why is it that such discoveries and occurrences are derided in the media? Why doesn’t the mainstream acknowledge the facts revealed in this article while discussing the crop circle phenomenon? Why are they considered hoaxes yet some of the designs are so intricate, exact, and complicated that they baffle even the brightest brains on the planet? What’s going on here, exactly?

Some aspects of our surroundings are so mind-altering that the human mind will often dismiss them out of hand. On a collective level, it is clear that we are not prepared to explore this phenomenon, and no matter how much evidence there is in favor of it, it is always treated with mockery and skepticism.

Something extraordinary is happening here, and it has been for years. If we gradually but steadily open our minds to ideas that do not yet fit inside the framework of accepted knowledge, it might have far-reaching ramifications for mankind.

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