A dog walker in England discovered a UFO crash site in the middle of the woods (video)

A random dog walker from Meddon in Devon, England actually came across a rather strange discovery as he was just minding his business until he reached the site which changed his life altogether.

Ben Landricombe was the man in question that came across this strange crash site that he believed to have been that of a UFO.

As he reported to the Cornwall Live station, his dog had sensed the crash site from over a mile away as he began chasing it down to the point where he knew that the dog was onto something big before he even actually got there

There were traces of flattened vegetation there alongside strange non-human screams coming from the crash site. In the video below you can hear the screams yourself.

They are quite shocking, to say the least. Scott. C Waring himself looked into the video and he even stated the fact that it could be a landing place for UFOs because the vegetation around points towards this having happened on multiple occasions. Not only that, but this is also very close to a tunnel ahead which could be the entrance to an underground base that they have nearby.

But Ben is not alone on this one as another report was made by a woman from Glasgow a while back in November as she saw a UFO pass by her house.

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