7 design ideas for a relaxing and comfortable home you should not miss.

Facade design

The facade design of this house has a beautiful appearance using a wooden deck with natural nuances. The addition of some hanging flowers also adds a more colorful and varied impression to the appearance of the house.

Relaxing spot

The terrace design owned by this house looks beautiful and comfortable by using it as a relaxing spot. The addition of a few sofas and lounge chairs is an added facility for a relaxed gathering with family. And also, the additional lights on the terrace make the area look warmer and more beautiful.

Living room

Entering the interior of the house, there is a living room equipped with a sofa and some flower and plant decorations that will make the room feel fresher. Wall displays in the form of frames are also neatly arranged to make the house feel full of memories.

Minimalist dining table

For other parts of the house, there is a dining room which has a table and chairs selected with a minimalist design. The combination of gray and brown will make the feel of the room look more natural and beautiful.

Small kitchen

The kitchen owned by this house is near the dining room. The small size is made of wood, which makes the kitchen concept match with other rooms. For the table, the surface is selected with a material that has easier maintenance.

Bedroom design and decoration

This bedroom has a monochrome concept with a soft gray color blend. Wall decorations are also made with paintings that match the small room they have. Some furniture such as side tables and wall shelves are made with a distinctive wood feel like any other room.

Bathroom design

This bathroom design uses a black floor that can disguise stains and give a clean look. In this bathroom, there is a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet that is neatly arranged.

That’s 7 design ideas for a relaxing and comfortable home you should not miss.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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